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chapai Nawabganj
  Image : Chapai Nawabganj


Photo Album : Chapai Nawabganj
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Historical Placc

Choto Sonamasjid of "Goad".
(Estd.: 1493-1519 Era.)

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Details at Historical Place
Majar of Birsrestho Shahid Capten Mohiuddin Jahangir
At the Sonamasjid compound

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†mvbvgmwR` cÖv½‡Y Aew¯’Z
Details at Historical Place

Gono Kobor
Grave of freedom fighter

gyw³hy‡×i MYKei
Dars Bari :

GwU GKwU gv`ªvmv wQj e‡j Abygvb Kiv nq

TohaKhana Mosjid :

†ZvnvLvbv gmwR`


Mangoes at the tree

Blossoming Mango Tree

gyKzj fiv AvgMvQ

Mango Garden

Avg evMvb

Pots of Kasa-Pitol

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Nokshi Kantha


Mango Fair 2008

Mango Fair was arranged in Chapai Nawabganj district, the world famous area for mango production. It was arranged on 21 & 22 June 2008 at Harimohan Govt. High School. Many kinds of Mangos and all other mango related things as Mango plant, "Aamer Achar" (food product of mango) were displayed hare. Also the famous "Nokshi Kantha" (a hand made garments), "Tama-Kansa" (hand made pots) were displayed. And in the "cultural function " Alkap" (local song), "Gomvira" (local song), "Kobigan" (local song) also presented.

Mango Fair 2008 : A portion of the Fair

Avg †gjv 2008 : †gjvi GKvsk
Mango Fair 2008 : A stall of the Fair

Avg †gjv 2008 : †gjvi GKvwU ÷j

A cultural function arranged at 29 Aug 2008.

A rising singer named "Eiti" is ill. She is suffering for C Virus (Cancer). Need lots of amount for het treatment.
To collect fund for her treatment a cultural function has arranged at 29 august 2008.
Peoples were invited by this poster to the function and anyone also can donate to "Savings Account No. 22442 Islami Bank, Chapai Nawabganj Branch" help her.

Chapai.net Photo Album for help of your tour & travel and learn about Chapai Nawabganj.

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