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chapai Nawabganj
  Image : Chapai Nawabganj
welcome to Chapai Nawabganj

    Chapai Nawabganj is a district on the northwestern border of Bangladesh. It is famous for mango, and other crops like paddy, sugarcane and wheat. Most of the people depend for their daily bread on farming. However, a good number of people are well educated and well of here. There are four rivers in Chapainawabganj. They are Padma, Pagla, Mahananda and Punarbhaba. Chapinawabganj is also a historical place. At past, its name was ''Goad'', the capital of old Bengal. The Sona Masjid is the best example of that. Side by side, there is also a bridge over the Mahananda. And after all, Chapainawabganj is a beautiful district to look at. Its natural scenery in Barendra area and other parts are really exception.

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